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Welcome to our Web Site

Welcome to our website. As we already know, entring the market will take high risk. More and more people losing their money at the market. That's why we launch This web site which is intended to Indonesian people or any other member who wish to learn and seek comprehensive Tutorial on market stocks. We tried very hard to share our experiences and knowledge on Market stocks start from scratch, beginner level, intermediate member up to Advanced Member. This web site is provided in multi language hoping it will be easier to all member to understand.

We understand, member will come from various background and we may devided into 3 category : Beginner Level i.e. member who just start to have knowledge on market stocks and wish to know more deep on market stocks behavior, Intermediate Level : i.e. member who have knowledge on market stocks, behavior and wish to grap knowledge on market analysis and tools to perform analysis, Advanced Level : i.e. member who has suffiecient knowledge on market stocks and tools and seek more information and tools to provide enhanced or special case analysis.

To easier member to grab the knowledge on market stocks, statistics and behavior, we also provide several analysis tools, to let member to extract data and perform several analysis start from statistical analysis to enhanced graph and chart analysis. Some using simulated data which is hopefully will provide detailed figure and enhanced understanding on tutorial provided. To use the tools there is additional tutorial provided also. Kindly read through the tools tutorial before using it.

As mentioned in the above paragrapgh, Our intention is "JUST" to provide Tutorial and share knowledge on market stocks. We have no intention at all to provide recommendation or any suggestion to buy stocks or even entering the market. If you wish to buy the market stocks or entering the market, we pressummed it is on your on will, hence you are the one who take decission and take any risk occurred. Please read our Terms and condition.

As we provide this web site, we have focussed on providing the latest information, share knowledge and tools for member to use. But we are always welcome any input or feedback you thing will be beneficial to other member to have. Feel free to contact us using form provided


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